CP12 Gas specialise in domestic and commercial boiler replacements. We can provide a bespoke boiler installation for all sizes and locations in the South East to meet the customer’s needs.

From the early thoughts, to prestart meetings to the commissioning of the plant, we are involved at each step of the way. But it doesn’t end there, we provide a full aftercare service because we know that the customer deserves more.

We take great pride in our work particularly on refurbishments and installations we like to see each one as a work of art.

We can work to specifications provided by architects, surveyors, consultants and building contractors.

Types Of Boiler​

There are three different types of New Boilers we install and repair. The right Boiler for your home will depend on your existing system or new heating requirements you may have.

New Combi Boilers

Combi Boilers are a popular choice among UK households and now account for over 50%   of all boilers fitted every year. Combi Boilers supply hot water on demand as water is instantly heated as it flows through the heating element inside the Boiler. Combi Boilers don’t require a pump or water cylinder which makes them easier to install and service and can also be the best choice if space is limited.

New Regular Boilers

Regular Boilers (also known as traditional boilers) are commonly found in older properties. Regular boilers require a water cylinder a cold water storage cistern (to feed the water cylinder) and a feed and expansion cistern. Regular Boilers and working parts of the system take up more space than a combi or system boiler.

New System Boilers

A System Boiler delivers hot water directly to your radiators and a pressurised cylinder which stores and provides hot water to your taps. System Boilers are easier to install, take up less space and are more efficient than Regular Boilers as some of the working parts required a built into the boiler.

System Boilers can be used as part of a vented (with cold water storage cistern), or an unvented system (without cold water storage cistern) and don’t require an expansion cistern.